How To Start A Youtube Channel In 2020

PewDiePie, the most subscribed individual YouTuber of all time, reportedly has an eight-figure net worth. All from creating fun gaming videos that people love to watch.

To get those viewers to come back for future content, keep them engaged. Creating a channel is very easy to do and won’t cost you a dime. If you have ever subscribed to another vlogger’s channel or written comments under a video, you probably already have one. Every user has the opportunity to upload videos, so every user name is attached to a channel. In the early years of the site, people simply used the look at this platform to create video diaries for friends and family members.

Every moment you hesitate or procrastinate, there are thousands of video creators starting their YouTube channel today, and gobbling up all your potential audience. I’ve continued to earn a little bit more and a little bit more per thousand views.

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Videos need structure, so when you make your next video, try to think of how you will develop a show formula, that you can use as a template for your future videos. Remember at the beginning of this video, I literally gave you a hook. An introduction, a teaser to what’s going to be going on for the rest of this video. So amazingly, there are still some people out there who are thinking of starting a YouTube channel, and have been for months, possibly even years. And I’m not telling you this as a New Year’s resolution.

It also just takes time for the algorithm to figure out who is interested in your videos. That’s when your videos will really start to take off and go viral and when the algorithm will start pushing them out there. This is another reason why you don’t need to be afraid of the competition.

  • He’s only been on YouTube for 4 years, but has already gained 4 billion views.
  • After all, the richest man on YouTube has made a fortune off Minecraft videos.
  • He is an actor and musician who first gained traction back in the day when Vine was a thing.
  • Sadly, it’s now the third most disliked video on YouTube.
  • Jake released a music video called “It’s Everyday Bro” which got 70 million views in just 1 month.

Check the click through rate for your channel as a whole, and on individual videos as you test. I’m not going to give you all of the same target to reach. Check what your current click through rate is, and whether it’s two, four, six, or eight percent. I want you to try and improve that by two to three percent this year.

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YouTube has developed into the largest and most successful video content distribution site online. If you’re looking for the best YouTube Starter Kit, TechRev has found awesome choices for every budget. If you optimized your free video well, you should start seeing some views pop up.

Also, you’re not going to stick with your channel if you don’t have any passion behind what you’re talking about or the videos that you’re creating. Maybe you feel like making videos of your own will just be a waste of time because you think they’ll never be found. Webcams also allow live streaming, as they can be linked directly to your device. The Logitech C920 HD Pro, which is about $89.99, is a strong webcam for making YouTube videos, featuring full 1080p HD and 720p video recording capabilities. If you do need something that can rotate and tilt, then this webcam from Logitech does the job.

The next step is to start populating your channel by uploading videos to it. This screen software is specially designed for saving time of the users.

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