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Tax Issues The Top Tax Defenders Blog

Can your federal advantages be garnished? In the current business environment, this is certainly a question that is fair. Unfortuitously, there is not a fast solution other than “this will depend.”

Because there is a long listing of federal and state advantages exempt from garnishment, most come with a exclusion. Let’s look at how wages are garnished as a whole and which assets could be seized or garnished, then we could see which benefits that are federal protected.

Describing Wage Garnishment

In the event that you owe somebody cash and also you don’t pay it on time, see your face (now referred to as a creditor) can sue you in court to win a judgment against you. Then your judge is asked by the creditor for an purchase to garnish your assets.

Which of the assets can creditors pursue? this will depend regarding the creditor:

  • For the majority of creditors, your wages, banking account, and just about every other assets you might have, including home are reasonable game.
  • In the event that creditor may be the IRS, they are able to get following the exact same things, nonetheless they don’t have actually to attend court to get it done.