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When writing prose of informational value such as scientific research, a reader should pay attention to what the text is describing, not how the text looks. A good professional font should be like air–we don’t really even pay attention to it most of the time.

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This is a contemporary serif typeface that has a multitude of uses from smaller paragraph type to headings. Functional with a nice aesthetic appeal, PT Serif is a practical typeface that has just the right amount of flair — not too fancy, not too boring. The American Interest uses this typeface in subheadings and in the body copy, letting readers flow through the copy on their site. Exchange is easy to read and easily recognizable as the Wall Street Journal’s print typeface of choice. You can also see Exchange getting down to business on Freight Text Pro is highly adaptable and offers options within the typeface family for varying degrees of intensity. On Medium, Freight Text Pro is used in the byline and in the body copy.

  • Epic made a Cat Goes Fishing Windows download name for itself with Unreal – impressive in a time when shooters were dominated by id – but it was with 1999’s Unreal Tournament that Epic earned its grand moniker.
  • All garbage annoying games except for the division and doom.
  • Tournament had the same core concept of Quake Arena but offered an alternative for those looking for a few more frills.
  • This indie game is an absolute blast to play and goes much further than simply recalling the halcyon days of the genre.
  • Battlefield 1 literally only has 7 servers and only 2 above 30 players and the fullest lobby has always been full and has a constant que of 15 plus waiting.

This also avoids legal entanglements over embedded fonts. I thought about embedding the font but I read that you can’t embed fonts on the most recent version of Powerpoint for Mac .


Browse other questions tagged fonts typography sans-serif microsoft-powerpoint presentation-design or ask your own question. I design publications which are either printed or placed as PDFs on my employer’s website.

It’s a typeface that goes with the flow in a way that works for designers and websites alike. Guardian is a typeface choice that provides an extensive character set that works in small sizes and text heavy areas.

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If that’s not an option, I’d recommend Microsoft’s ‘C’ fonts. They are all well designed for screen rendering and available wherever those terrible Microsoft Office products are installed. If you have the right version of Publisher , there are some extra fonts available. I’m not as knowledgeable about this, but I know that Publisher was the reason we ended up with Franklin Gothic on our PCs, and that is an excellent choice of a sans-serif. Adelle is a multi-purpose typeface that works exceptionally well in large blocks of continuous text, as evidenced in the Happy Cog site’s body copy. It allows readers to read the text without being interrupted by the typeface’s style — this typeface is pretty subdued but still has classic character.

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